Save Money For Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween party supplies are perfect for the fun get events and spooky costumes come in all shapes and sizes. Children can easily be entertained with the right trick or treating costume of the scariest creatures, fun games, pull-string pinata, special party food, and much more. Here are a few money-saving tips for Halloween party supplies:


A simple, yet effective way to save on the cost of a spooky costume is to shop early or out of season. If shopping online, use the comparison shopping sites to help find the most attractive prices. Also, by shopping early there is less change of having a disappointed child because it wasn’t possible to find the right costume.

Other choices include hand-me-down costumes from friends or family members. Also, if you still have last year’s costume, it may be possible to swap it with another family who are looking for something different and unique. This type of costume is only used a few times per year, so should be easy to keep in a good swappable condition.

For the creative parent’s there is always the possibility of making the child’s costume at home. This can be cheap, memorable and fun. But, it can be quite time-consuming, so it is worth planning ahead.


A great way to fill bowls and jars with spooky candy is to buy in bulk. Use the discount stores or shop online to get the best prices. Try to avoid the pricier name brands and instead go for the more generic candy.

Trick-or-treat visitors will enjoy the candy no matter who it is made by. Also, make sure to hand out the sweets to stop the children grabbing handfuls, this can lead to the candy running out really fast.

A further option to save on sweets and candy is to get creative and bake biscuits shaped like ghosts or spiders using a useful cookie cutter.


Decorations continue to get more impressive each year and include things like window decorations, cutouts, banners, and displays. Try to find deals at discount stores or specialty shops. Also, similar to the costumes, it can benefit to shop out of season and comparison shop the different shops.

The decorations are another great area to save money for the more creatively minded people who like to make things. There are plenty of items that are easily created at home for little cost, such as candles and jack-o-lanterns.

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