All About Fire And Cosplay Costumes

Fire safety is an important aspect when it comes to costumes. Due to this, you should be wary of the clothes that you buy. To be safe, you should need to do the following:

Pay attention to the fabric

The costume becomes a fire hazard when it’s made from a highly flammable material. To be on the safe side, you should go for one made of a fire resistant material. The unfortunate thing is that there are many fabrics in the market; therefore, it’s almost impossible to tell which material is fire resistant and which isn’t. To be on the safe side, you should look out for the EN71 label on your costume. This label means that the outfit complies with the EN71 which is a Europe-wide standard that tests for flammability.

You should also check whether the product you are buying complies with the European health and safety requirements. The easiest way of doing it is looking at the CE markings on the outfit. You should note that some people make false markings that can result to you buying the wrong gear. To purchase a high-quality unit, you should check the logo. On the logo, pay attention to the line of the ‘E.’ It should be shorter than the other parts.

Other areas of the outfit you should pay attention to are the name, address, postcode, and phone number of the manufacturer. If you are in doubt, you shouldn’t shy away from calling the manufacturer and making inquiries. You should also check that the outfit has a registered trademark and is accompanied by instructions, fire warnings, and safety information.

Experts report that heavier, thick materials are safer than thin layers; therefore, to protect yourself or children from the fire, go with thick fabrics. If you are dressing a child, ensure that you layer him/her up. You should make your child wear another an outfit underneath the costume. This creates a layer between the skin and costume thus the child doesn’t get burnt in the event of fire.

Stay away from fire

In addition to buying the right outfit, you also need to avoid staying near the fire. This calls for you to avoid candles and other fire-bearing materials that put you at risk.

When things get to the worst

Even with the best prevention methods in place, it’s common for the fire to break out. When you catch fire, you should roll on the ground to put it out. You should also pour cold water on the outfit.

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