Month: July 2017

What’s The Deal With Klingon Costumes?

You may have asked yourself, why don’t I have a Klingon costume yet? You may or may not have bought your Klingon weapon of choice yet. As far as the rest of the costume goes, what can be done to expedite the process of getting one? Let’s look at the problems first:

#1 Cost – Depending on the quality of the costume, if t may cost up to several thousand dollars to get a movie quality costume.
#2 Quality – High quality costumes aren’t sold on every street corner, less expensive ones are available at a few more locations.
#3. Your Confidence – Do you have what it takes to show up to the parties, conventions, etc wearing a Klingon costume? Can you take the personality to the next level, and strut your honorable movements in front of your friends and strangers?