Month: April 2017

According to the report lifestyle to upgrade China’s strong consumer spending

China is expected to see robust consumer spending driven by lifestyle changes this year,according to a report released last Tuesday.

China leads emerging economies in expectations for robust real wage growth in the next sixmonths, while average consumer confidence scores 64%, compared with only 49% in the lastsurvey, according to Credit Suisse Research Institute’s annual Emerging Consumer Survey.
The CSRI survey provides an analysis of the mood and behavior of consumers across eightmajor emerging economiesBrazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa andTurkey.

报告显示 生活方式升级带动中国强劲消费支出

The survey highlighted some developing consumption patterns including moreconsciousspendingamong emerging market consumers with a focus on healthier, moreenvironmentallyfriendly choices.

Fruit to promote the evolution of the brain

水果促进大脑的进化:发育得更大.jpgHumans likely developed large and powerful brains, researchers said Monday, with the help of what is today the simplest of snacks: fruit. Eating fruit was a key step up from the most basic of foodstuffs, such as leaves, and provided the energy needed to grow bulkier brains, the scientists argued.

“That’s how we got these crazy huge brains,” said the study’s corresponding author Alex Decasien, a researcher at New York University. “We have blown up the quality of our food that we are eating.” The study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution looked at the staple foods of over 140 species of primates, and assumed their diets haven’t changed much over the course of recent evolution.
According to the research, the animals which feast on fruit have brains that are about 25 percent bigger than those filling their bellies primarily with leaves. The results call into question the theory that has prevailed since the mid-1990s, which says bigger brains developed out of the need to survive and reproduce in complex social groups.

How to Make a Full Dora Halloween Costume?

The “Dora the Explorer” animated television show encourages children’s creativity and curiosity. The 7-year-old Latina cartoon girl, along with her pet monkey, go on exciting play-along adventures and include young viewers through singing, dancing, and other engaging activities. Costume supplies from eBay let young fans dress up like the well-loved main character. It is easy to make a Dora costume once fans know how to assemble the backpack, wig, and clothing.

Making the Different Parts of a Dora Costume

Pre-made Dora costumes are available on eBay, but creating a costume from scratch fits a child’s measurements better. The different parts of a do-it-yourself Dora costume include the magical purple backpack, short black wig, colorful clothing, pet monkey, and makeup.